Twin Sheet Thermoforming

What is Twin Sheet Thermoforming?

Peninsula Plastics is one of the leading suppliers of twin sheet thermoforming capabilities. This innovative process is quite popular across various industries, including automotive fitness equipment, commercial display stands, etc.

Twin sheet thermoforming offers several structural advantages. The process involves vacuum-forming two sheets simultaneously and then permanently bonding them with pressure while they are still hot.

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Advantages of Twin Sheet Thermoforming

More design options

  • Two-color product options
  • Custom color layering
  • More flexibility for part capture and protection

Increased strength

  • Enhanced structural support across mated surfaces
  • Internal reinforcements, such as aluminum or steel bars, can be added where necessary
  • Durable and Impact resistant*

More Ergonomic

  • Twin sheeting can use less material thickness to achieve strength. Thus, reducing the overall weight of the product.
* We utilize PE as our MAIN material; other options are available.

Twin Sheet Thermoforming with Peninsula Plastics

Peninsula Plastics incorporates innovative technology and advanced custom plastic manufacturing machines. We take pride in creating quality, consistency, and on-time delivery of all our standard and custom-made solutions.

While most of our customers are within the US, Canada, and Mexico, we can ship standard and custom products overseas via sea container. With the capability to ship anywhere, Peninsula Plastics remains an industry leader confident in helping you find a solution!

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