The Industries we serve:

Government / Military

Supporting solutions in the Government/Military Industries

Peninsula Plastics offers solutions to support government and military initiatives when it considers efficient ways to ship and store automotive products. A lighter and more durable solution is a quick and efficient way to transport goods to and from varying terrains.
Government Mail Truck
Pallet Jack
We manufacture reusable and recyclable plastic pallets, crates, bins, and other military-use containers. This can include plastic trays for engine parts to oversized pallets for manufactured motors.

Choosing plastic pallets as a supportive solution for military use can reap several benefits.


They are resistant to oils, grease, and most substances


Easy to clean


Lighter in weight than wood

  • More fuel-efficient to ship

Safe for global shipping

  • They don’t have pests or bacteria

Custom designed, which offers support for:

  • Delicate parts
  • Heavy parts
  • Assemblies

Can have added custom options

  • Seat buckles
  • Reinforcement bars
  • Seat belts
  • Etc.