The Industries we serve:

Food & Beverage, Grocery & Bakery

The food processing industry has particular needs regarding packaging, and reusable plastic pallets are the preferred choice across the food industry. Plastic packaging is ideal because it is durable, easy to sanitize, and ensures the integrity of the goods, whether raw, fresh, baked, cooked, or blast-frozen.

Our reusable pallets offer numerous advantages, such as:


Superior hygienic structure

  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Protection against microbes

Ease of use

  • Storage efficiency
  • Long-term cost savings
Produce / Grocery Containers
Egg Containers
When factoring in weather conditions, it is essential to remember that humidity-resistant pallets are a must. They can nest and stack securely while allowing more flexible storage options indoors or outdoors.

Peninsula Plastics offers several options for material handling and shipping solutions for food and beverage/grocery/bakery industries; we focus on durability, lightweight packaging, and forklift compatibility, which significantly reduces product damage.

We produce standard and custom solutions with a substantial selection of pallets, totes, sleeve packs, and bins. Our highly skilled engineering team has developed hundreds of custom mirror-image and flat-bottom pallets for our client’s unique conditions. We have an extensive storage collection with over 100+ different standard products to support your shipping and handling needs.

Are you looking for a more custom solution?

No problem! Our reusable shipping solutions come with varying custom options (depending on the product chosen).

Seat belts


Seat buckles


Slide locks


Orientation stripes


Custom colors


UV inhibitors


Custom labels


RFID technology


...and much more!

Operating Technician
Product Engineer - Custom Design
Conveyor Belt Machine
Our solutions speed up the supply chain process and profitability, and our reusable packaging is sustainable and fully recyclable at the end of its life span.

Ask us about our buyback program!