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Reusable plastic trays, pallets and packs.
Perfect fit guaranteed.

We form reusable custom dunnage solutions - plastic pallets, part trays, and shipping packs that can be fully customized, engineered, produced and shipped faster than competing heavy duty dunnage products.

Custom Packaging

Plastic Vacuum Forming

Returnable Dunnage Packs


Our team of industry specialists are dedicated to providing creative, flexible and cost-effective solutions in the automotive, food & beverage, textile and retail markets. We offer a wide range of standard and flexible products for any packaging challenge.

Custom Thermoformed Packaging

If you can think it, we can form it.

Our TUFF DUNNAGE® family of products can be completely customized around your specific requirements.

Custom Thermoforming Solutions

Custom Part Trays

Custom Plastic Pallets

Custom Shipping Packs

Production Vacuum Forming

Plastic Pallet Trays

Reusable Dunnage + Custom Dunnage

Textile Packaging

Automotive Packaging

WIP Packs

Twin Sheet Thermoforming

Sleeve Packs

Warehouse Pallets

Heavy Duty Dunnage Trays

Manufactured strong and crafted with 40 years of industry experience.

Our thermoforming capabilities include single & twin-sheet thermoforming, heavy gage thermoforming, CNC mold making and trimming, vacuum forming, pressure forming, and compression molding.

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Standard or Custom Industrial Pallets

Industry standard and custom products for low or high-volume production, anytime. Can’t find the right pallet for your application? No problem. Join our growing line of standard products by creating a perfect-fit pallet for your application.

The engineering team has developed hundreds of custom mirror-image and flat-bottom pallets for our clients special requirements.

Download our pallet library today to browse over 100 different standard products.

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Industrial Yarn Packs

Ready for automation systems and robotic vision friendly, Peninsula Yarn Packs provide superior product protection for your textile logistics needs.

Using high-density plastic pallets, separators / dividers and lids yield significant cost savings and logistics benefits as opposed shipping with cardboard.

Learn more about Peninsula Yarn Packs here.

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It’s in our DNA

Our unique veteran experience and industry knowledge allows us to manufacture your custom engineered products on-time and competitively priced. We proudly stand behind our ability to offer low-production custom orders for your unique packaging solution.

Custom Injection Mold Support

We offer the capability to produce uniquely molded TPU inserts that can be installed into your custom trays for additional support when packaging fragile and sensitive components.

In-House Engineering

All of our custom product engineering happens in-house, overseeing the entire process from concept to production. Combined with our veteran thermoforming manufacturing team, we can produce anything our clients dream of.

Precision Prototyping

All of our designs are thoroughly tested before entering production. It starts with a wood pattern cut on one of our 2 precision CNC machines that will be used for creating the first thermoformed sample.

Experienced Pattern Shop

The last phase before production - just the right amount of adjustment to ensure the best tool design is ready to form a packaging challenge into an intuitive solution.

Sheet Extrusion

All of our sheet is extruded in-house by our team of extrusion experts. Add visual aids to your tray or pallet with custom stripe colors to help identify orientation quickly on the plant floor.

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