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Our innovative thermoformed and custom packaging solutions can be found coast-to-coast and service a wide variety of industries.

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Peninsula Plastics Custom Parts Tray
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Innovators of Containers, Pallets, and Trays

Whether your product is big or small, getting it safely delivered to the final destination is critical. That is where Peninsula Plastics comes in! Home of TUFF DUNNAGE® solutions and the leader in “Advanced Freight Protection Technology” we are here to offer first-in-class solutions to all your challenging packaging needs.

Established in 1980, Peninsula Plastics specializes in manufacturing rugged plastic containers, pallets, and trays. No matter the challenge, Peninsula Plastics has a robust inventory with a variety of ready-to-go solutions that you can push, pull, stack, store, and transport your most precious cargo across the country carefully and damage-free. Struggling to find a packaging solution that perfectly and safely encapsulates very specific dimensions and sizes? That’s okay! We also offer custom design solutions to meet your exact specifications and needs.

Advanced Freight Protection Technology

Our team of industry specialists understands the overwhelming need to provide creative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for any packaging challenge.

Within the automotive, food and beverage, textile, and retail markets high-quality packaging is detrimental to ensuring warehouse efficiency and safe delivery throughout the supply chain process. With our focus on efficiency and secure delivery our goal is simple – create quality innovative packaging solutions that focus on securing your product, while simultaneously delivering unprecedented customer service and reducing freight costs.

Peninsula Plastics also recognizes that warehouse space is at a premium. Our industry-leading TUFF DUNNAGE® pallet containers improve pack density, increase storage capacity, reduce floor space, and allow freight to be easily transported throughout the warehouse while minimizing potential damage.

With over 40 years of experience in helping customers solve their freight protection challenges, we are proud of our ability to adapt in a way that works best for our customers, while elevating our team and advancing our technology every day!

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Our Differentiators


  • Twin sheet thermoforming offers several structural advantages. During this process, two sheets are formed simultaneously over separate molds and then bonded together. To learn more about this process, visit our Twin Sheet Thermoforming page.

Quality Guaranteed

  • Our expert thermoforming manufacturing team oversees all aspects of production from the initial concept all the way to the final steps in production. This approach creates a hands-on, in-house process where quality is promoted every step of the way, guaranteed.


  • Peninsula Plastics’ TUFF DUNNAGE® is made to last and is constructed with recycled plastic! Our custom options give you the flexibility to create a specialized solution while increasing the longevity and use of the dunnage.

Recycled & Reused

  • Take part in our buyback program and sell us your old dunnage!
  • Let us partner with you to develop a sustainable packaging plan in your facility, where you can reuse the same dunnage repeatedly!

Customer Care

  • With years of experience in reusable transportation packaging, our industry experts are well-equipped with the tools and knowledge to propel your project needs forward.

Advanced Technology

  • To stay competitive in an ever-changing world, we installed automation in our plants. Advanced technology automation gives us added capacity to engage in high-volume projects and excel in projects that demand illustrious precision and reproduction.

Peninsula Plastics is an established group of innovators that specialize in commodity and custom packaging solutions for large-scale manufacturers.

Why Choose Us

At Peninsula Plastics, we pride ourselves on creating innovative and cutting-edge solutions for our customers through new advanced technologies, sustainable reuse and recycling programs, and our team of industry specialists delivering best-in-class customer care.

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Peninsula Plastics Team Meeting

“Exceptionally dedicated service, quality, and problem-solving. Demonstrated by the President and the entire staff!”

– Loyal Customer

Custom Thermoformed Solutions

We offer a variety of standard and custom products for any packaging challenge. Choose from our collection of standard TUFF DUNNAGE® products or completely customize thermoformed packing to your specific requirements!
Peninsula Plastics Production
Peninsula Plastics Production

Heavy Duty Dunnage Trays

Our world-class capabilities include single and twin-sheet thermoforming, CNC mold making and trimming, vacuum forming, pressure forming, and die-cut three-dimensional parts.

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