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Crafting solutions for Post/Parcel Industries

Reusable packaging products and parcel handling are essential parts of postal operations. As we emerge into a new world where urgency for timely delivery is at an all-time high, it is critical to strengthen supply chain initiatives. In efforts to support the parcel market, Peninsula Plastics offers sustainable solutions to encourage this sector as demand rises rapidly.
Postal Female Warehouse Worker With Tablet
Postal Male Warehouse Worker With Tablet
To help eliminate single-use waste from cardboard bulk bins, we offer a reusable pallet pack system that includes the following:



Sleeve (Collapsible Walls)



Some more added benefits to reusable plastic packaging in the postal sector include:

Double stacking of bulk mail inside bins


Improving truck freight


Optimizing storage in facilities



  • Helps to improve operational efficiency

Let Us Help You Meet Your Parcel Demands

As the parcel industry continues to have high demands for productivity, the increased use of reusable packaging will soar. Plastic bins help transport and sorting facilities behind the scenes, which supports a smoother, more timely delivery of mail/products.

We understand that reusable containers are essential to the mail and parcel industry. We are here to assist in enhancing packaging performance and sustainability in this rapidly changing supply chain market.

Need help deciding which solution is right for your parcel industry?