The Industries we serve:

Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturing results for Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals Industries

The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries require reliable transportation, storage, and distribution of goods to keep up with consumer demand, which is constantly evolving. Peninsula Plastics offers various shipping container solutions to protect assets in both industries.
Cosmetics Container
Pharmaceutical Technicians
Some other benefits to sourcing your cosmetic/pharmaceutical solution(s) with Peninsula Plastics include custom add-ons to support these niche industries:

Slide locks

Ensures a safe transportation journey from one warehouse to the next

Sleeve track

This offers peace of mind as your most valuable pharma goods travel through the supply chain

Withstand multi-temperature environments


Custom injection mold support

We produce uniquely molded TPU inserts that can be installed into your custom trays for additional support when packaging fragile and sensitive components.

Our TPU inserts and injection molds are made with our trademarked TUFF dunnage (urethane), which provides extra protection for your most delicate goods.


Recyclable. Reusable. Returnable.

Participate in our returnable dunnage packs program! This involves purchasing dunnage from us, loading your product, sending it off to your supplier, and then being able to reuse your dunnage for the entire life of the program.

We also offer a buyback program. When your dunnage reaches the end of its lifecycle-we will buy back the entire fleet!

Custom Crafted Solutions

Peninsula Plastics is committed to helping customers achieve a more sustainable, efficient supply chain. We stand behind the quality of our work and build products to last. But don’t forget, at the end of the container(s) service life, we will collect, recycle, and reuse many of our containers.