Who We Are:

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is Simple

At Peninsula Plastics we are always searching for new ways to stay current with the latest technology and to deliver our customers high quality at a fair price. We remain committed to delivering the best-in-class customer service to support our customers’ ever-growing demands.

Manufacturing is an essential part of the solution. Our highly developed quality division has put together several advanced protective measures to ensure our team can deliver a quality product while retaining sustainable safety measures.

Peninsula Plastics Extrusion

Mission Statement

“Peninsula Plastics’ mission is to retain its leadership role in the returnable, recyclable thermoforming industry through continuous improvement and excellent customer service.”
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Our Vision For Future Growth

We believe in measured growth and welcome all future opportunities that benefit our customers and elevate our team’s performance. Quality growth establishes a need for change, and with change, we can better ourselves and better serve customer demands.

To remain a competitive industry leader, we implemented automation to help accommodate projects requiring high-volume production.

Peninsula Plastics is a company that delivers to strict deadlines and incorporates the highest quality products and services.

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When most people think about plastic, it’s a one-time use. When Peninsula Plastics thinks about plastic, we think about durability, sustainability, and longevity.

Contrary to popular belief, plastic CAN and SHOULD always be recycled. At Peninsula Plastics, we believe that even the most minuscule scraps need to be recycled.

It all starts from within our plants…

We collect all the shavings, debris, and scrap plastic throughout each stage of the process.
We sweep up all the plastic shavings off the floor. Then, we send it out to be cleaned and repelletized.
Once we receive the material back, we will extrude it into a new sheet. This sheet will then be formed into a new product.
All the scraps and trimmings go into the grinder. Then, they are put back through the cycle to be extruded into a sheet.
Peninsula Plastics Extrusion
Peninsula Plastics Extrusion
Peninsula Plastics Extrusion

Our Buyback Program

Our in-house recycling doesn’t stop there. We want to extend this initiative to our loyal customers by introducing our buyback program.

We fully support plastics being reused and recycled and would like to expand on this initiative, so we came up with a solution. Peninsula Plastics is pleased to announce our buyback program, which makes it easier than ever to recycle your used dunnage. When plastic products reach their end of life, we will buy back the entire fleet at market value.

When the product is sent back to us, we clean and grind the old material into regrind and start the process from the beginning. We want to help with recycling and ensure your company’s time is valued. So, save time AND money by selling your dunnage in any condition* back to us.

*Within company standards, call our office for more details.

Why waste time with the middleman? Let us buy back your dunnage! Call us to learn more about our buyback program and start saving today.