Introducing Your Custom TUFF DUNNAGE® Solution

We offer a wide selection of standard and custom dunnage products for any packaging challenge. Our TUFF DUNNAGE ® collection of products can be completely customized around your specific requirements.

Our team of industry specialists provides creative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions across various industries.

Peninsula Plastics TUFF DUNNAGE® Series Pallets:

With over 100 standard tools on-hand, our custom single and twin-sheet TUFF pallets are production ready. Our TUFF pallets last longer than injection mold!
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Peninsula Plastics TUFF DUNNAGE® tray

Rack Base Custom Dunnage

Fully customized rack base dunnage is an excellent solution for part protection as it ships in a standard steel rack. Design options also include TPU inserts that assist with robotic vision systems.

EV Drive Unit & Battery Custom Dunnage Containers

We offer Custom packaging solutions to fully enclose and protect EV drive units, batteries, and battery components. TPU details can be installed in custom battery component trays to help securely hold sensitive and delicate parts in place during transit.

Industrial Part Custom Dunnage Trays

Thermoformed trays offer a fully customized, durable, and lightweight solution. Offering high density in each truck and sea container. Provides complete protection during transit both inside the plant and over the road.

TPU inserts and injection mold

Urethane provides TUFF protection for sensitive surfaces. Custom injection mold details can be used in many applications to offer additional product support and protection. Injection molding can use various materials, such as Urethane, HMWPE, and many more.

Twin-sheet heavy-duty series

Mirror image pallets can be used as both pallets and matching lids. Our heavy-duty series can stand up to the abuse of everyday use in your plant and over the road. Aluminum or steel support bars can be molded in for extra strength.

Twin-sheet medium-duty series

Sleeve packs incorporate a pallet, lid, and plastic corrugated sleeve-these are typically used for bulk packaging. Flat bottom pallets for use on roller conveyors.

Single sheet light-duty series

Mirror image pallet options are available. Used for carrying lighter products like carpets or headliners. Seatbelts are optional and can be installed upon request. Sleeve track options are also available for bulk packaging applications.

UV Inhibitors

We offer UV inhibitors, which help prevent UV degradation to the container(s) and the inside product. With this available custom option, you can preserve the integrity of your shipping containers and goods.

Our primary UV inhibitor is carbon black; however, we can purchase any color concentrate with a UV inhibitor, which will help it maintain its color over time.

Looking to upgrade to a TUFF solution?

We are confident that our product(s) will be able to serve you for years to come! If you can think of it, we can form it.