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Raising the Standards in the Textile Industry

Textiles can be delicate so it is critical for textile companies to protect their fibers when they are in transit. A multitude of shipping challenges can occur when raw fibers, spun yarn, or thread, both natural and synthetic, are improperly packaged and shipped.

Our sales team is ready to learn how we can help you find the perfect fit for your reusable program.

Colorful Yarn Pack
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Decades of forming at your service

Peninsula Plastics offers the perfect solution to combat shipping challenges with our state-of-the-art industrial yarn packs. Our yarn packs provide exceptional product protection, utilizing high-density plastic pallets, separators/dividers, and lids. All engineering and manufacturing of our custom and standard thermoformed yarn packs happen in-house by a team of highly experienced packaging specialists.

Benefits of using yarn packs:




Recyclable through our buyback program


A precise balance between rigid and flexible that protects your product against the elements


Significant cost savings


Superior product protection for textile logistic needs: Ready for automation systems, robotic vision friendly


Easily cleaned and sanitized


Can be stored in wet or dry climates

All our packs (standard and custom) are made from high-density polyethylene and are all engineered, extruded, formed, and tested in-house before transporting your product between manufacturing functions. They are textile automation compatible and can be used at line-side spool loading or auto-racking and de-racking vision applications.

We manufacture yarn packs at high tolerance, so the yarn packs have the durability to repeatedly survive the transportation cycle without losing integrity and the robot vision systems can continue to identify them.

Peninsula Plastics Textiles - Yarn Pack
Custom Textile Pack
Custom Textile Pack

Yarn Pack Models

Model Number Pallet Size Center Diameter Sheet Style
12X 38.00" x 49.50" 12.00" Single
12XK 37.86" x 49.50" 12.00" Single
12XF 41.50" x 55.25" 13.60" Single
12XKT 39.20" x 52.20" 12.72" Twin
12XTD 38.00" x 48.75" 12.00" Single
13X 45.00" x 48.00" 12.00" Single
13XK 45.00" x 48.00" 11.86" Single
16XF 48.50" x 48.50" 11.80" Single
16XN 47.50" x 47.50" 11.80" Single
16XLPS 45.17" x 55.27" 12.13" Single
20X 44.75" x 54.75" 10.60" Single
20XF 44.66" x 56.38" 11.00" Single
20XSZ 45.53" x 45.58" 9.88" Single
23X 45.13" x 56.63" 10.25" Single
Can’t find the model you are interested in? We can form it just for you. Our special thermoforming abilities create high-quality returnable packaging for industrial textile manufacturers. These solutions can help your products fit, form, and function within your supply chain. Peninsula Plastics’ capabilities include single and twin-sheet forming techniques, rapid prototyping, and low/high volume production. Contact our sales team today to discuss fully customized packaging that will fit your unique needs.