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Providing Durable Solutions for The Agriculture Industry

The Agricultural industry requires the utmost care when it comes to packaging solutions. Packaging needs to be durable and resistant to volatile environments. This includes preserving the freshness and quality of the produce from the field to the supermarket shelf.
Agricultural Packaging Solutions - Produce Department Apples
Agricultural Packaging Solutions - Egg Cartons
At Peninsula Plastics, we aim to replace expendable materials such as wood and fabric with returnable, reusable plastic to support every step in the supply chain process. Our sleeve packs, stackable bins, and pallets effortlessly meet these end-use needs.

Peninsula Plastics pallets, sleeve packs, and bins offer several benefits to the agricultural industry:


Easy to clean


Lighter than wood

  • More economical to ship

Can withstand wet or humid climates


Don’t harbor pests or bacteria


Can be developed with:

  • Slide locks
  • Seat belts
  • UV inhibitors
  • …and more!
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