The Industries we serve:

Battery / Renewable Energy

Peninsula Plastics is proud to be a top supplier of EV drive units and battery containers. With many industries moving more towards renewable energy, the need for safe packaging is rising.

Batteries are considered hazardous materials and must be handled and processed with extra care. With this knowledge, we carefully developed packaging that protects your batteries from damage while simultaneously protecting against shorts or corrosion.

Peninsula Plastics’ custom packaging solutions fully enclose and protect EV drive units, batteries, and battery components.

Renewable Energy - Solar Panel Field
Renewable Energy - Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Here is what you can expect from our reusable containers:


Unaffected by climate (moisture/humidity)


Can be designed to contain spills


Easy to clean


Custom design can involve lids, injection mold support, or seat belts

We look forward to manufacturing dunnage around your company’s most unique assets and establishing a safe and effective shipping process.