TUFF DUNNAGE® Featured products – Revolutionizing Material Handling

Dec 11, 2023

TUFF DUNNAGE® is not just a packaging solution, but a game-changer in TUFF material handling. Our featured products revolutionize material handling through innovative design to support robust performance capabilities. We showcase our products that highlight the transformative impact TUFF DUNNAGE® has on the way you handle, transport, and store goods.

48” x 48” Pallet: Securing Drums with Precision

Our 48” x 48” pallet boasts cutting-edge TUFF DUNNAGE® technology, ensuring reliable performance in demanding scenarios. Crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this pallet is purpose-built to securely hold 55-gallon drums during transportation. This prevents any unwanted shifts that could compromise the cargo. With 4-way forklift access, this pallet is efficient and flexible. It is nestable, stackable, and reusable, offering a sustainable solution for your material handling needs. Custom options are available. Custom options include – orientation stripes, material colors, UV inhibitors, labels, RFID technology, and mold-in nomenclature.

32” x 48” Mirror-Image Pallet: A Multifunctional Marvel

The 32” x 48” mirror-image pallet showcases the power of TUFF DUNNAGE®, bringing versatility and efficiency to the forefront. This high-density polyethylene (HDPE), mirror-image pallet serves a dual purpose as both a pallet and a lid for containers and trays. Pallet legs interact seamlessly to offer a secure and integrated solution. Perfect for automotive, distribution/warehousing, and food/beverage industries. This pallet excels with 4-way forklift access points and is nestable, stackable, customizable, and reusable.

45” x 48” Mirror-Image Pallets: Excellence Redefined

The 45” x 48” mirror-image heavy-duty pallet and 45” x 48” mirror-image medium-duty pallet continue the legacy of TUFF DUNNAGE®, providing top-tier capabilities for demanding applications. Serving as both a pallet and a lid, these mirror-image pallets offer a unique packaging solution for the automotive industry. Their nestable, stackable, and reusable characteristics ensure longevity and sustainability. With 4-way forklift access, these pallets are designed for seamless maneuvering, streamlining your material handling processes. With fully customizable options available, we can create a pallet that is the perfect fit for your product.

30” x 32” Pallet / Lid: Unmatched Innovation

The 30” x 32” pallet and 30” x 32” lid introduce TUFF DUNNAGE® proficiencies and its advantages to the automotive sector, promising unparalleled efficiency. This unique pallet and lid set is comprised of a flat-bottom twin-sheet pallet and a single-sheet lid. The flat-bottom design allows for this pallet to be seamlessly integrated into roller conveyors, enhancing the flow of materials in your operations. This product is nestable, stackable, and reusable. These characteristics exemplify Peninsula Plastics’ commitment to sustainable material handling solutions.

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