Efficient and Sustainable Solutions: Embrace the Power of Sleeve Packs for Safe Shipping and Storage

Aug 2, 2023

Peninsula Plastics Sleeve Pack

Sleeve Packs

Getting your products safely from one place to another can be a challenge sometimes. Being cost-effective and not compromising on quality can present difficulties as well. Peninsula Plastics offers a range of products that are sure to fit any of your needs with our Advanced freight protection technology with our standardized products.

Our Sleeve Packs can be a great addition to any industry looking to expand their storage or find an innovative way to ship their products across the country. Sleeve packs are three-piece packaging systems that feature reusable plastic bases, plastic top cap lids, and foldable plastic corrugated wall sleeves. This type of packaging provides the best combination of efficiency, ease of use, and long-term durability. The pieces are designed to assemble and lock into place quickly and easily disassemble, fold, nest, and store. Yet, they can still hold an impressive amount of weight and can be stacked even when full. We pride ourselves in creating a high-quality unit that can be used over and over again to bring you sustainability and savings.

Customize Your Sleeve Pack Containers

Manufacturers and retailers worldwide trust Peninsula Plastics’ reusable sleeve packs. They are available in three sizes, so we are sure to have what you are looking for. The 40 x 48” and 48” x 78” sizes fit most industries while our 45 x48” will be used more commonly in the automotive industry. Our Sleeve Pack is part of our standardized packing, so they are quickly available for shipping. Additionally, we offer customization options for color, branding, access panels, and sleeve locks.

Sustainability and Maintenance

Peninsula Plastics makes a conscious effort to remain sustainable and reduce our footprint. Traditional logistics container systems, whether injection molded or with corrugated cardboard sleeves, are a great starting point for product logistics. However, both have certain drawbacks and limitations for recyclability. Sleeve packs have little to no repair or maintenance issues to worry about due to the fact that there are constructed with plastic corrugated for durability, thermoformed for longevity, and offer 4-way forklift access to promote worker safety and ease of use. This allows the Sleeve Packs to be used repeatedly in shipping loops.

For more information on our Sleeve Packs or any of our standardized products, reach out to our sales team at sales@peninsulaplastics.com or contact us.

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