Seasonal Warehousing Success: The Role of Custom Packaging

Jan 18, 2024

Warehousing Success with Peninsula Plastics

In manufacturing and distribution, seasonal spikes in demand and increased promotional campaigns can pose significant challenges to warehousing. At Peninsula Plastics, we offer a range of custom returnable packaging products, designed to assist with managing increased logistics activity. A custom packaging strategy can relieve spike in demand by maintaining supply chain effectiveness, utilizing shipping and storing space, and, most importantly, protecting valuable goods.

Enhancing Supply Chain Effectiveness

The efficiency and speed of a supply chain system are most vulnerable during your busiest times of the year. Peninsula Plastics’ durable and reusable products allow you to use the same specialized packaging over many shipments. This not only reduces the amount of time wasted on repairs and replacements but also the cost associated with purchasing extra packaging items. Also, by adding any of our available custom options, such as unique material colors and RFID technology, you can ensure packages can be easily located during any stage of your supply chain system. Custom and sustainable shipping products ensure there will be no downtimes within your logistics network.

Utilizing Shipping & Storage Space

Our thermoformed containers, trays, pallets, and lids are designed to seamlessly fit into any logistics system. These custom products are both nestable and stackable, which decreases wasted space during the transportation and storage of goods. This is ideal when seasonality heightens demand and your warehouses and trucks experience storage limitations. Our TUFF DUNNAGE® customized / standardized packaging allows you to create / select a product that best fits your business. Managing space with the right packaging solution leads to fewer shipments on the road and increased product availability.

Protecting Valuable Goods

Peninsula Plastics understands the importance of part protection during transit and while in storage. Our products are manufactured with a variety of materials, with the most prominent material being high-density polyethylene (HDPE). When formed, HDPE provides strong surface durability to our specialized packaging, which is crucial when shipping high-demand items. To enhance durability and longevity, customers can include UV inhibitors to add protection against prolonged sunlight exposure preventing degradation of our packaging and its contents. Additionally, structural reinforcement can be achieved by the installation of aluminum reinforcement bars. Seatbelts, buckles, and slide locks can also be installed to secure unit loads. Regardless of your specific needs, we can handcraft a product to safeguard your goods.

Added Support With Injection Molded Inserts

Injection molded inserts and add-ons are an option to provide increased protection for delicate items. Custom injection mold details can be applied to our containers, trays, pallets, and lids for additional product support. The precision of injection molding allows many parts to be produced simultaneously without any blemishes. The designs for secondary components are flexible, as they can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes, including slide locks, buttons, hooks, and more! The combination of specialized packaging with custom inserts guarantees the safekeeping of items during high-volume shipping periods to and from warehouses brought on by seasonality.

Recycling and Reusing Plastic Packaging

Peninsula Plastics proudly extends our commitment to environmental sustainability with our buyback program. Once packaging is no longer needed or reaches the end of its life, it can be sent back to us. This allows clients to easily recycle decommissioned seasonal dunnage by selling it to us at market value. Once received we reprocess materials, adding to our sustainability efforts and creating a full-circle product life cycle.

The product lifecycle of a Peninsula Plastic's pallets and dunnage

Tackle Seasonal Warehousing With Peninsula Plastics

Peninsula Plastics stands at the forefront of innovation with our rugged thermoformed containers, trays, pallets, and lids. Prepare for seasonal warehousing obstacles by choosing the right packaging solution for your business. Our products will not only enhance efficiency and space management, but also prioritize the protection and integrity of your goods. With Peninsula Plastics, warehouses can confidently adapt their packaging strategies to meet the demands of every season.

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