Peninsula Plastics Attends Orbis 3rd Annual GOOD DAYS for Kids Outing

May 25, 2023

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We are excited to attend the Orbis 3rd Annual “Good Day for Kids” golf outing! At Peninsula Plastics, we value giving back. The Good Day for Kids golf outing raises funds for the Pediatric Simulation and Resuscitation Program. This program, based in Wisconsin, offers highly lifelike simulation-based education to support the training of medical professionals nationwide, as well as family members or caregivers responsible for technology-dependent children at home.

By utilizing interactive technology, their team uses infant and child-sized manikins to recreate real-world medical scenarios, including changes in heart rate or rhythm, lung sounds, seizures, and more. Participants must react swiftly to the rapid and unpredictable changes in the manikins. This exceptional training program simulates various high-pressure environments, such as the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, General Pediatric Unit, Delivery Rooms, Operating Rooms, and Outpatient Clinics.

The simulations provide practical experience, enhance cognitive abilities, and foster the leadership skills necessary for life-saving endeavors. The cost of a single manikin ranges from $20,000 to $180,000 in Wisconsin.

We are grateful to make a charitable donation towards these life-changing experiences for healthcare workers and their future pediatric patients! Currently, the outing has raised $301,700 out of the $300,000 goal!

The outing will take place on Tuesday, June 13th, 2023, at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, located at 7036 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva, WI. If you would like to purchase a ticket or make a donation, please check out the following link:

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