Elevating Product Transportation Using GMA Pallets

Aug 16, 2023

What is a GMA Pallet?

Peninsula Plastics prides itself on providing innovative products that can last the test of time. In the food and beverage industry, it is important to keep your products stored and transported with packaging that is both durable and sanitary. The Grocery Manufacturers Association Pallet keeps that in mind by transporting your products safely time after time.

GMA pallets are a category of reusable pallets that have specific characteristics. The Grocery Manufacturers Association designed this classification system to make distributing and storing food and beverage items easier. These standards involve grade qualities, sizes, materials, and other essential specifications.
Not all pallets meet GMA standards. Peninsula’s GMA pallets are food-grade pallets that are produced with virgin material, making this a clean product that is high in quality. Weighing just under 22 pounds, this is a lightweight twin-sheeted pallet that can be thermoformed with customizable options: 2” stripes and custom material color for easy identification. The footprint of the GMA pallet is 40” x 48” which is standard for this industry.

Functions of GMA Pallets

Keep your storage areas, warehouses, and aisles organized with our GMA Pallet. This pallet has a nestable design and works well with a limited amount of space. It’s constructed of durable HDPE that won’t crack, chip, rust, bend, or break. Equipped
with a 9-legged and antimicrobial design, this pallet allows water and air to flow through your product offering an affordable, durable, and more sustainable option than expendable packaging. Peninsula Plastics is excited to help mobilize packaged consumer goods to ensure that fresh, healthy, and affordable food options are available to everyone.

Grocery stores and food-related businesses aren’t the only entities that use GMA pallets. Because of their versatility, GMA pallets are beneficial for a variety of industries. The pharmaceutical, industrial, and government sectors also use these pallets for logistical purposes.

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