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Protect your industrial textile products with Peninsula reusable packaging

Cardboard can’t compete with returnable, engineered plastic packs

Returnable and reusable packaging for the textile industry

Transform your product protection

Peninsula Industrial Yarn Packs are the perfect fit for your reusable / returnable dunnage program.

A precision balance between rigid and flexible, Peninsula Yarn Packs protect your product against the elements, and the reality of industrial logistics.

Made from High Density Polyethylene, our standard and custom packs are all engineered, extruded, formed and tested in house before transporting your product between manufacturing functions.

Textile automation systems friendly, Peninsula Packs can be used at line-side spool loading or auto racking and de-racking vision applications. Manufactured at high tolerance for plastic, thermoformed Yarn Packs can survive many round trips between plants while still being repeatable enough for robotic vision systems to identify.

Yarn packs can be easily cleaned and sanitized, and unlike cardboard, can be stored in wet or dry environments.

Our sales team is ready to learn how we can help you find the perfect fit for your reusable program.

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Forty years of forming at your service

All engineering and manufacturing of our custom and standard thermoformed Yarn Packs happens in house, by a team of veteran packaging specialists.

We offer unique thermoforming capabilities to help your product protection fit, form and function in your internal and external supply chain. Including single and twin sheet forming styles, rapid prototyping and low volume production.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about our standard product line, data sheets and custom design capabilities.

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